Other Training Areas

Other Training Areas


Here is a brief summary of information, and please feel free to download the pdf below to view more.

Oral Surgery Area

The SUG (Oral Surgery) Series for Mastering
Tooth Extraction, Sutures and other Surgical Treatments

The Oral Surgery Model Series offer models that allow basic incision/suture techniques and infiltration anesthesia practice, as well as models that allow various oral surgery treatments such as tooth extraction and pus removal (incision).

Radiation Area

X-Ray Simulator for mastering Dental Radiography

Orthodontics Area

The ORT (Orthodontics) Series for Mastering Various Techniques

By combining together the typodont tooth model, wax form and third party typodont articulators, you can do various typodont practice.

Anesthesia Area

Injection Practice Models for Mastering the Anesthesia Area

Pediatric Area

The PDI (Pediatric Dentistry) Series for practicing various techniques to master Pediatric Dentistry Treatments


Other Training Areas


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