Maintenance - relates to Dental Equipment

Beyond maintenance there are certain components that have expected life cycles. To help you identify and anticipate possible repair and replacement points, we offer you the following information.

Air/Water Filters - The serviceable life depends on the specific water quality being supplied. When air or water flow is lower than desirable, the filter disc should be examined and replaced as necessary. Generally the air filter disc life expectancy is 2 yrs, and the life expectancy for the water filter is 1 year.

Water Line Maintenance - For self-contained systems empty the bottle at the end of every working day and fully purge the system. Install an empty dry bottle and fully re-pressurise the system. Purge the syringe water line and each handpiece water coolant line until air flows through. Turn the Unit off and allow the lines to dry overnight. Weekly purge as above with the addition of a "Designated disinfectant bottle" - (Follow manufacturer recommendations). Flush into a sink basin or bucket. Re-install an empty bottle and repeat purge as above. Then install a fresh water bottle. Run handpiece flush and syringe for 30 seconds making sure no disinfectant remains. Your dental unit water system is then ready for use. Note: warranty dos not cover damage caused by such agents

Handpiece Control Block - The only moving or wearing component in the handpiece control block is the control block diaphragm. The expected life of this diaphragm is a minimum of 5 years. Please note excessive adjusting of the handpiece air pressure can reduce the life of the diaphragm!
Toggle and Flow Valves - Internal o-rings used in Forest controls are expected to function properly with a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years. Should a valve become sticky or difficult to operate, the o-rings can be cleaned and lubricated for extended life.

Handpiece Tubing - Forest Medical Products, Inc. Handpiece tubing, with proper care and cleaning should maintain a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.
Please note many factors can influence the performance and durability of Forest Medical Products equipment and components. Please refer to our warranty for further explanation and coverage.


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