About Us

Founded in 1998 the company has made strong inroads into the U.K Market with an ever expanding customer base. Dental dealers both large and small through to Hospitals, Postgraduate and also Private stand alone training centers now know or are becoming much more familiar with the "Phantom Head Dental" name. With ongoing requests for equipment through to new build proposals and / or plans for Phantom head training rooms and / or the replacement of equipment. You can be assured that the knowledge and experience applied is very much dedicated to leading edge function and design.


Leading Manufacturer of Dental Models and Technical Know-how...With more than 50 years of experience as a dental model manufacture, NISSIN has built up its technical know-how and expertise to fulfill the requirements of customers.
High Quality...All NISSIN models are manufactured and "Hand Worked" by experienced staff and because of this manufacturing method, they have maintained a superior quality of standard for many years.
Trust from Customers.....NISSIN always commits to manufacturing the products from standing on the customer's view point. They value the customers' voice and aim to
provide the best possible service.


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