Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry


Here is a brief summary of information, and please feel free to download the pdf below to view more.

Operative Area

The CON (Conservative) Series.
A Wide Variation for Mastering the Operative Area.

The first step in learning operative techniques requires understanding things such as how to handle cavity preparation and how to use rubber dam sheets. Therefore, it is essential to comprehensively practice basic techniques.

The CON Series has functions that are necessary for learning various operative treatment techniques, and allows you to choose from a wide variety of offerings. Also, by combining with a variety of optional tooth models, you can step up to a more practical technique training.

Endodontics Area

A Wide Variation of Endo Model Series
for Mastering the Endodontics Area.

The Endo Model Series offers a wide variety of choices according to the purpose and level, allowing fast and easy mastering of root canal treatment techniques. By using these models, you can understand various preparation methods as well as characteristics of instruments such as reamers, while experiencing the feeling during removal of pulp chamber roof and root canal enlargements.

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Conservative Dentistry


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